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Stamp designs

Below are some of the stamps submitted for “Design a stamp”. It is wonderful to see such creative responses, thank you to everyone who has participated so far. If you would like to design a stamp and have it showcased on this site click here.

Werewolves in Ossory 2018 Éire

Stamp description: Topographia Hibernica by Gerald of Wales, c. 1200

Stamp submitted by: Sean Murray

Who are the Celts ? 2018 Éire

Stamp description: Ancient Celtic Artifact

Stamp submitted by: Philip Lawlor

UL Canopy 2020 Éire

Stamp description: It is a canopy in front of the University of Limerick. But, It is no more there. They removed it and it will really make an impact.

Stamp submitted by: Kamaleswaran G

Cascading uisce 2018 Éire

Stamp description: This is a place that I really love,I find it magical.I paddle around it and walk through it.I love the feeling of the fresh water cascading on my face.

Stamp submitted by: Regina Foley